The Plant Restaurant


Three Months

Interior Design


1050 Sq.ft

This is a plant-based restaurant located in Edmonton, Canada. We worked as space Designers for the restaurant owner in collaboration with a local Architect

Design in Details

This is a self serve restaurant which is strictly linear in plan. At a given time, it can accommodate up to 25 people .A combination of fixed and modular furniture has been used. It makes it easier for rearrangement in cases of large groups of people. The color scheme chosen for the restaurant is very natural. One can see extensive use of colors that occur in nature like mud, earthy, green, orange and blue. The overall scheme is light and cool. As an initiative to be environment friendly, the furniture has been made out of recycled wood.




Plant Hangers: The plain white ceiling has been complimented with green plants that require low light and low maintenance.

Wooden Flooring: The floor has been finished with treated wood. The texture of the wood has been replicated on the dominant furniture as well.

Arch Backdrop: The order counter has a huge Arch that encompasses all major kitchen element. The arch is one of the prominent features in the restaurant that has been treated with POP.