Virendra Mahajan

Seven Months

Interior Design


6500 Sq.ft

The company wanted to use most of the space for itself and rent out spaces on demand basis. Hence the layout was planned in a way that even if a portion of office space is rented out, the privacy of rest of the office is not hampered. To keep the environment fun, various colors and textures has been used. Most of the vertical faces have geometric patterns of wood of different texture. The corporate feel has been integrated by using lack, white and gray colors on the horizontal faces like the ceiling and the floor. The floor has been covered with carpet in low movement area and marble has been used in high movement areas. The entrance has a gallery with series of LCD screens that showcases company’s ongoing and past projects. One of the main feature of the office is the high coffee table which has been shown in the next page. The coffee table can often in itself be used as an informal meeting space. The space has been strategically designed in a way that it gives space to the people working to have a friendly time talking to each other while they are on break within the office. One of the prominent feature of the office is the exposed service ducts. The ceiling is high and sometimes people can get overwhelmed while suddenly entering an area with high ceiling. To counter the overwhelming feeling the ducts has been kept exposed. The ducts blocks direct vision to the ceiling.