Residence of Richa Singh

Richa Singh

Three Months

Interior Design


1800 sqft

A villa in the beautiful valley of Dammaiguda, Telangana. In the middle of expansive lush greensand covered with an inviting terrain, this project was a great experience.

Design in Details

The initial idea of the project was to highlight the built form in the middle of greens and hence ‘reflections’ came out as the main element of playfulness. The entire house was designed to form an outline in the green landscape while allowing a percentage of green within the premise. The living room of this house is larger than usual with a carpet area of 428 Sq.ft. This area accommodates a living room, a dining area, and an attached kitchen. The central lobby which connects the portico to the living room was planned with tiled flooring to give a wooden finish. While the ceiling remains bare with optimum lighting fixtures to adorn the walls. A mix of traditional elements with modern elements were used to create a distinct composition. The concept of a focus wall fits better in a bathroom when there is a awe-inspiring bathtub sitting in the center. Geometric tiling brings out a great appeal to the plain bathroom wall while keeping the rest of the space gentle.












A modular kitchen is the new normal for each residential construction and it actually brings out the greatness of aesthetic in the built space.

The staircase was designed in metal framework with a transparent jaali as the protective rail.

Fixed furniture stacking up the walls of the house marks simplicity and delivers organization. It helps in arranging and keeping the essential items of the house in an organized fashion. This furniture also houses an additional TV cabinet to adorn the function of this living room.

Sanitary ware can actually change the complete visual aesthetic of any space. We used copper-colored sanitary ware across the house with simple geometries for sinks and bowls.