Rehan Villa

Rehan Azad​

Six Months

Architecture +
Interior Design

Modern Contemporary

6500 sqft

Set in a lush green site, the expansive residence houses two families of a close-knit integrated joint family of five across four generations. The spaces and their relationships have been derived by systematically analyzing the connections and desires of each individual as well as the group as a whole. This also reflects in the planning of the residence, where each independent unit has the same character as the house in its entirety, following the principle of fractals in nature. Each family has its own independently sustained units, the common spaces of which open up onto a central community space much like a town-square that overlooks a large central club-room. This public space also houses the formal dining, drawing and entertainment areas and creates a dynamic and lively heart for the entire residence. The residence is served by subsidiary blocks housing a gymnasium, pool and spa area, an outhouse, workspaces, and staff quarters.