Mehrab’s Residence

Mehrab Ahmad

Four Months

Interior Design


3250 sqft

This theme-based residential project was conceived in 2018 for a client in Dharwad, Karnataka. A theme-based residence to follow a modern lifestyle with a distinct touch of timber finish.


Design in Details

The property was designed to give a luxurious ambiance to the property in a particular style. All the spaces have been allocated with enough area to accommodate minimum furniture requirements. We tend to give equal priority to the persona spaces of the house to emphasize personal comfort. The attached washroom of the front bedroom was designed in a grey monotone with white fixtures. The vanity closed has a slight natural marble texture to complement the whites in the space. It is a small and compact design to accommodate all requirements of a washroom. The living room is the focal point of design and it is made to enhance the visual appeal of visitors. The living+dining area was arranged in a fashion to create optimum moving space with all the furniture required for the setting. The basic idea was to complement the exterior with the interior and hence material selection has been done in accordance with earth colors. The upholstery of furniture, counter finishes, and the building material finish follows a complementary color tone to balance the interiors with the exteriors. 











Incredible Result

As mentioned earlier, nature has been an important aspect of this project and hence the design goes along with it. The front portico was planned for guests as well as family members to spend some time with nature. The simplicity of color and material makes it blend in easily and does not over-power the context.